Citizenship by Investment

A second passport could be the best investment you ever make

Grenada Citizenship by Investment

Grenada citizenship is a monarch state in the West Indies in the Caribbean Sea at the southern end of the Grenadines island chain. Grenada consists of the island of Grenada itself plus six smaller islands that lie to the north of the main island. Its size is 348.5 square kms, and it had an estimated population of 112,200 in July 2018. Its capital is St. George’s. Grenada is also known as the “Island of Spice” due to its production of nutmeg and mace crops.

Grenada citizenship by investment

Why Grenada ?

Grenada citizenship has become attractive for applicants for reasons other than E2. An applicant can obtain a new passport within four months designate them to visa-free travel to 127 countries including Europe, the UK, Russia, and China. In addition, reap the benefits of significant tax savings by opting for citizenship by investment in 2021.
This makes Grenada the top choice for applicants. Although it does not provide a direct pathway for a US visa, Grenada is a treaty country with the United States.
Grenadian citizenship can be obtained by donating either $150,000 for an individual or $200,000 for a family to the Government of Grenada.
The investment requirement for Grenada citizenship was reduced for the real estate investment option from $350,000 to $220,000 in 2019.

Turkey Citizenship by Investment

Turkey, officially the Republic of Turkey is a transcontinental country located mainly on the Anatolian peninsula in Western Asia. Istanbul is the largest city in the country while Ankara is the capital. almost 70 to 80 percent of the country’s citizens identify as Turkish while Kurds are the largest the few at anywhere from 15 to 20 percent of the population.

turkey citizenship by investment

Why Turkey ?

Turkey’s program offers a fast process time and access to a strong passport and a diverse economy. In addition, Turkish passport holders are eligible for the United States E-2 Visa.
As of 19th September 2018, the minimum requirement for the worth of the property to be bought by a foreign citizen to acquire Turkish citizenship is $250,000. And, maintain a balance of at least $500,000 USD with a Turkish bank. In the aftermath, both the buyer of such property in Turkey and their family members have a right to acquire Turkish citizenship. It takes about only 6 months to acquire citizenship by exception.
Moreover, A Turkish passport offers visa-free access to more than 150 countries around the world. As well as the opportunity to engage in Turkey’s diverse economy.

Montenegro Citizenship by Investment

Montenegro is a country of South and Southeast Europe on the coast of the Balkans. It has an area of 13,812 square km and a population of 620,079. Its capital Podgorica is one of the twenty-three municipalities in the country. Cetinje is designated as the Old Royal Capital.

montenegro citizenship by investment

Why Montenegro ?

The Citizen by investment program of Montenegro is officially announced of a new economic citizenship scheme on Oct 1, 2018, for foreign investors. The decision came into force on Jan 1, 2019, and will apply until Dec 31, 2021.
The economic citizenship program allows foreigners to be granted the citizenship of Montenegro at the attention of the Ministry of Interior Affairs and Public Administration through a designated investment.
Montenegro announced new citizens by investment scheme for acquiring Montenegrin citizenship by admission on the basis of a special investment program based on a special decision published in the Official Gazette of Montenegro.
The scheme was announced on Oct 1, 2018, and will run for only three years offering investment citizenship to 2000 foreign investors making it a great option for citizenship by investment in 2021. The citizenship is offered in exchange of Investment of EUR 250,000 in some of the development projects which is previously approved by the Government in an undeveloped area of Montenegro. Also, by Investing EUR 450,000 in in the developed area of Montenegro.

Montenegro is a popular choice as there are no physical residency requirements. An additional Donation of EUR 100,000 in the form of Government fee is needed apart from investment. The applicant must also deposit 15,000 euros for an application for themselves. 10,000 euros for up to 4 family members. and 50,000 euros for each next family member.