If you identify yourself as a capable Non-American wanting to expand your business in the United States, then you’re probably seeking more than enough clarity on the reasons why investing in the U.S. and the special perks with it could be a ‘striking opportunity’. ‘Now That I’m Here’, a phone television survey revealed a non-surprising fact that 80% of foreign investors feel that the U.S. is a ‘unique country that stands for something special in the world’ and 74% of them confirmed their willingness to stay in the country.

Known for its largest economy, the country stands loud and clear as a reliable country for investments and attracting new businesses, since you’re headed in close vicinity to the prime business headquarters that are often located in the US.

We’re demystifying the various options which will guide you towards starting the next chapter of your career in the land of prosperity.

E-2 Visa For Bright Business Opportunities In The U.S.

With its flexibility and affordability margin higher than the other U.S immigration options, E2 visas are a highly feasible option for investors, superiors, executives, or any essential employee for settling and conducting business in the United States. What largely makes E-2 visas one of the modest investments is the opportunity to step into a nation with the largest economy without actually immigrating. Furthermore, your business obtaining a substantial investment is a requisite for sustaining and extending your stay period.

L-1 Visa For Leveraging On Resources

Yet another powerful option to work and stay in the U.S. is the L-1 visa that authorizes any foreign business to relocate their executive, manager, or a person with specialized knowledge to the U.S. branch, parent, affiliate, subsidiary, or a startup company. Both L-1A (transferring an executive) and L-1B visas (for a person with specialized knowledge) generally retain a 3-year warranty which can be extended to 7 years and 5 years respectively, along with conveniently availing the immigration benefits for your family.

Green Card Entry With EB-5 Visa

EB-5 Visa is an ideal option for those who’re ready to invest a substantial amount in any commercial business in the U.S. while benefiting from the status of lawful permanent residents with a Green Card. With EB-5 visas, you’re expected to fulfill the requirements of employing 10 or more American workers while financing a business in the United States. Businesses and enterprises are prone to risks, but EB-5 programs carry an excellent record from the past 20 years, making it an ideal investment option to reside in the U.S. and reap every ounce of benefit the nation has to offer.

Relief For Non-Treaty Countries (Grenada, Montenegro, Turkey Passport)

Eligibility and access for an E-2 Visa lie only with the treaty countries. There are options for non-treaty countries as well, to pave their way to the U.S. by acquiring citizenship through investment from the treaty countries like Grenada, Montenegro, and Turkey. A second passport can do much more than just making you part of these treaty countries, it opens access to countless more countries to explore and grow your business.

We understand the struggle to navigate through the choices that’ll profit you exponentially even in the long run. Even if you’re willing to run a business or become a passive investor and have the means, then you should capitalize on the resources that fulfill your dreams of living in the United States.

Let the experienced immigration consultants assist you to seamlessly execute your business plan in the U.S. for experiencing life extravagantly with your loved ones.

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