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cyprus residency by investment

Cyprus Residency

A high-quality cosmopolitan lifestyle with the island’s full of entertainment, culture & social events, Cyprus proves to be one of the top choices for residency. Cyprus offers the best Mediterranean living with beautiful scenery and pristine beaches.

Why Cyprus Residency by Investment?

Cyprus is the key area on the junction of 3 continents (Europe, Asia and Africa). It is a member of the EU and the Eurozone. It offers a high level of services, including financial, medical, education, telecommunication, and so forth. Non-EU residents can get permanent residency through the purchase of land. Cyprus has the most beautiful views and admirable beaches that cater to 3.2 M sightseers every year. It has a safe & a modern environment with a high standard of living yet low cost.

Under Cyprus’ residency by investment programs, with an investment worth 2M€, the resident can acquire the Cyprus residency in a period of 6 months. In addition, the investor is eligible to live, work and travel to any place in EU and across 155 countries.

The resident can gain Permanent Residency by investment of 300,000€ in 60 days also access to EU and across 155 countries. The investor can own a scenic island home in Cyprus by investing an amount starting from € 150,000 which will be Free-hold and ready to settle in. The investor can also buy up Rental Income of 5% every year.

Benefits of Cyprus Permanent Residence Permit

  • The investor and his family are free to enter Cyprus without the need of obtaining a visa.
  • Cyprus will soon be offering Schengen visa too.
  • The investor’s spouse and children below the age of 25 are also covered under the permit.
  • In addition, The investor’s children are eligible to access the education right from schools to top universities in Cyprus.
  • Above all, the permanent residence permit is valid for lifetime for the investor and also for their family.