There is nothing quite like fulfilling your travel and career aspirations without travel restrictions. Entrepreneurs pouring a hefty investment into their businesses may have witnessed the pandemic taking it downhill. Fueled by popular culture and a higher standard of living, the United States comprises a class of people who seem to live in a whole new world, truly unaffected by the pandemic- their travel along with businesses are taken care of with minimal to no restrictions and are conveniently able to prioritize their safety against the most affected zones with Covid-19. A substantial number of non-immigrants who settle in the United States carry E2 visas and are either investing in a U.S. business or running a business in the country. This allows a dual benefit of earning and experiencing the surreal lifestyle of this ‘promised land’.

Well, this freedom pass is known as Dual citizenship.

Let’s dive into the reasons why a second passport has become a necessity for relief and freedom in this pandemic-

Experience your desired lifestyle with a Grenada passport-

Uncertainties have peaked the number of sudden lockdown impositions causing longer waiting periods. Acquiring dual citizenship with an E2 visa can conveniently uncover opportunities like residing permanently in the glitz and glam of the United States or in one of the beautiful islands within the Caribbean. You can readily escape the hassle of following standard visa guidelines and obtain visa-free access to about 140 countries with exceptional tax benefits, all with a Grenada passport.

Moving miles away from affected zones

We are no strangers to the sudden lockdown announcements or strict government restrictions on conducting business or traveling in a surge of covid cases in any region. In times where your travel purpose is mandatory but deemed as ‘non- essential’, a second passport will be your knight in shining armor. In terms of health care, people from all across the world travel to the U.S. for accessing the cutting-edge medical assistance this country provides. An E2 visa can proactively help you navigate safer yet economically finer locations whenever required. For eg., Turkish passports offer visa-free access to more than 150 countries as well as an opportunity to experience the lifestyle.

Regulating businesses in the new normal

It’s disheartening to witness the majority of businesses getting affected as much as 71.31%, time and again in these difficult times. Yet, numerous entrepreneurs are conducting their businesses even in the heart of tourist destinations like Montenegro which have no physical residency requirements.

With Grenada, Turkey, or a Montenegro passport, you can practically get swift access to settle down in the United States and give your family a better life.

For applicants from non-treaty countries, E2 visas are optimal options for conducting business and settling in the US. Travelling may seem like a luxury amidst the new normal restrictions, but the key is holding dual citizenship and traveling freely within your safety parameters. It’s time to escape the traditional immigration process and the terror of unlimited paperwork which has doubled in the pandemic.

Investing in dual citizenship could secure the future of your families by gaining access to the top schools, healthcare, and economy. The last thing you want in your US Immigration process is a case rejection. So, it’s strongly advised to get consulted by experts for seamlessly extending your opportunities globally. Grenada’s citizenship by investment committee (CBIC) approves your application within 60-90 days. If you want to capitalize on the business growth opportunities abroad, then get in touch with us today!

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