E2 Visa / U.S Investor Visa Program

What is E-2 Visa?

E2 Visa USA is one of the largest immigration options for investors and businessperson looking to start a business in the United States.
With this visa, you can live in the US and achieve your own business. Also, E-2 visa alters time is actually short related to other visa options, which is another reason why the E-2 visa is so supportive.

The US E-2 Investor Visa is applicable to a foreign investor of a treaty country to be licensed to the United States. Also, if they invest a considerable amount of capital into a U.S. business, including franchises.

However, to qualify for an E2 visa you must hold citizenship to a country that has a treaty of trade and business with the United States.

E2 Visa USA

E2 Visa qualification:-

  • Must be a citizen of a country with a treaty of trade and business with the USA.
  • Also, make a large investment in a USA company.
  • E2 company cannot be a small enterprise.
  • You will direct and develop the US company.
  • Invest funds were Picked-up lawfully.
  • E2 company must be an active, for-profit company.
  • However,You must have the decide to depart the US once your E2 status ends.
  • The investment must be “at-risk”.

Benefits Of E2 Visa :-

  • That is to say,The E-2 visa holders can let their spouse achieve status that approves them to work in the USA.
  • A US E2 investor visa holder can achieve lawful status to reside in the United States for its minor children.
  • In addition, Investors can certify either by starting a new business or obtaining an current business.

Obtaining Investor Visa :-

We specialize in providing excellent consulting services for investors seeking to live and own a business in the United States via the E2 Visa USA Program. The business can be via the possession of an existing business, a new business, or settled franchise business in the U.S. We will help you expedite your procedure with our form of services and with the cooperation of our talented team.
Above all, For the seeker who’s citizenship does fall under the non-treaty country, he/she needs to go for either Turkey, Grenada or Montenegro citizenship.