If you’re keen to extend your global mobility and worldwide opportunities, getting a second
passport may be an excellent option. The Grenadian passport gives you the prospect to
acquire dual citizenship of the Caribbean islands, alongside visa-free access to around 140
countries and visa opportunities to the U.S. Grenada fall under a treaty of trade and
business with the U.S. This type of dual citizenship has always been considered lucrative for
the applicants from non-treaty countries, as a gateway to settle in the U.S, by obtaining E-2

Grenadian Passport Benefits:

● Quick application process
● Passport for all dependants
● Visa opportunity for the U.S
● Tax Benefits
● No settlement requirement
● Visa-free visit over 140 countries
● Dual citizenship lasting generations

Grenada Passport Rank

Offering fantastic global mobility, the Grenada passport ranks 38 in the Passport Index. This
passport allows visa-free visits to over 140 countries like China, the EU, the U.K, and
Russia. It’s also the sole Caribbean passport offering an opportunity to use for the E2 visa
within the U.S – allowing you to run a business and reside within the U.S.

Grenada Passport Application

Launched in 2013, the Grenada Citizenship by Investment Program gives qualifying
individuals and their families a chance to acquire the Grenadian passport in exchange for an
investment to a minimum of $150,000.
There are two routes that will aid you to acquire this dual citizenship:
Investment within the National Transformation Fund (NTF): The NTF has been
established to boost Grenada’s economy. Most applicants need to make a contribution of a
minimum of $150,000 to get a passport or donate $200,000 for a family of 4.
Investment in pre-approved real estate: The applicant can either purchase a preapproved property at a minimum value of $350,000 or, can make a joint investment at a
minimum value of $220,000 per person. Both investments should be held for five years if the
customer wants to become a citizen of Grenada.

Due Diligence for Obtaining the Passport:

In order to get a hold on Grenadian citizenship, applicants must fulfill several
● Be over 18 years old.
● Have an impressive character.
● Be fit.
● Hold no criminal record.
● Pass an in-depth background check.
● Provide proof of source of funds. Funds must be legal.

Is there a requirement to stay in Grenada?

There are no requirements to settle in Grenada during the application process, or after
having received Grenada citizenship.

How to get a Grenada passport by investment?

The passport by investment process is straightforward. you’ll have to follow these steps:
● Choose a consultancy agency to process your application
● Complete all application forms
● The government assesses your application and conducts background checks
● Grenada’s citizenship by Investment Committee (CBIC) approves your application
within 60-90 days of applying
● Decide on your investment route and invest
● Become a Grenadian citizen

Is acquiring Grenada Passport Valuable?

If you’re looking to extend your opportunities, it’s absolutely worthy to hold a passport from
Not only will you be ready to permanently reside – alongside your family – in one of the most
beautiful islands within the Caribbean, but the passport also allows the applicant an
opportunity to get visa-free access to about 140 countries, opens a chance to citizenship
within the U.S because of the E2 visa and exceptional tax benefits.
With a hassle-free application process, it’s all the more convenient to acquire dual

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