1. What is the duration to get an E2 visa?
– The duration to get Grenada + E2 goes about 6 to 9 months approximately

2. Can I travel on E2 visa?
– E2 is a multiple entry visa, therefore it is possible to travel outside of US.

3.How much investment is required for applying for E2 visa?
– The substantial investment expected is 150,000 USD for applying for E2 visa.

4. Can you assist me in acquiring Citizenship or Residency application by Investment?
– Yes, we’re here to assist you in acquiring citizenship/residency application by investment.

5. What can you offer me that is unique?
– We offer professional services that will grant you an opportunity to obtain citizenship of the country with a strong passport that qualifies you & your family to settle and run a business in the U.S.

6. Will my family be eligible for Citizenship as well?
– Depending on the variables, your family can fall under eligibility for citizenship.

7. Will I enjoy certain privileges if I receive citizenship of Grenada?
– Yes, you will be able to avail all privileges which a citizen born in Grenada gets.