Today, with the globalisation and access to the whole world, aspirants are increasingly willing to relocate. With better opportunities and standard of living in other countries like USA, UK, and more, the desire to move bases emerges in many professionals. However, the whole process of starting over a career or a business at a new place with new rules, systems, and people, can be daunting. What this decision and journey needs is the right guidance, mentorship, and support. We at Nulima Consultants came into being for that very purpose—to make immigration easier for you.

immigration consultants in mumbai

Who Are We

We are visa and immigration consultants based in Pune, expanding our services on to the city of Mumbai too. We offer end-to-end solutions to aspiring individuals, investors, and business owners, attending to all their immigration needs. As one of the best immigration consultants in Mumbai, we provide guidance and offer options that align with your dreams – we are your one-stop destination. When you come to us with an agenda or a dream that involves another country, we offer practical and legal solutions to accelerate your journey to success. We suggest cost-effective ways to make the immigration seamless with supporting citizenship and residency programs. Our immigration and visa consultants in Mumbai offer the right guidance and support for setting up a business in your desired location globally. This suggests that with our expertise and team dedication, we not only help expand your existing business there but also help build one, find jobs, and other corporate moves. Our community also includes locals from each country who help extend better solutions post the immigration too.

What Exactly You Can Expect from Us

1. We understand your exact needs

We believe that to be able to deliver the right solutions for you, we need to understand your requirements and visions comprehensively. This is the only way to offer customer satisfaction and loyalty. An extensive research and indepth understanding of the plans, agendas, and needs is how we set out to fulfilling your immigration dreams.

2. We analyse and offer turn-key solutions

In our attempt to understand and study your needs, we also analyse your business or the profession you are inclined towards. Having done this, we are able to navigate the best solutions for you.

3. We offer expertise from experienced professionals

We realize that in order to offer you the best, out team needs to be the best too. Our team belong to the fields of legal, immigration, tax, and real estate. With their professional experience and standing in their specific industries, they offer you the correct assistance.

4. We guide you, every step of the way

We consider being your visa and immigration partner through every step of the process. Right from constant support and guidance to documentation, you can expect thorough hand-holding in your journey.

5. We represent you before the stakeholders

Having understood and analysed your exact needs, we pose between you and the stakeholders and represent you. From coordination to getting the work done, we stand by you through the processes.  Click here to initiate the first step and show interest in immigration.