Investors Visas for Great Britain/United Kingdom

If you’re looking for a diverse, prosperous and perfectly located place to call home, there’s nothing better than the U.K. – an economic and cultural center boasting one of the finest and most preferred standards of living in the world.

What is an Overseas Representative Visa?

The Overseas Representative Visa, also known as the Sole Representative Visa is for non-UK Nationals who wish to help expand their employer’s business to the United Kingdom.
The United Kingdom is a popular destination for businesses given its economy, security, and geographical location.

The Sole Representative of an Overseas Business visa is outlined mainly to allow sole representatives of an overseas company to enter the UK in order to set up the company’s first UK office, branch, or its subordinate. The representative cannot own more than fifty percent of the business and the main business should remain outside the UK. This visa is
also applicable to the employees of broadcasting organizations, news agencies, and
overseas newspapers.

Key Benefits of Overseas Representative Visa

  • Chances to expand a business in the growing economy of the UK.
  • Eligible for free National Healthcare.
  • Prompt decision making.
  • Eligible for a British passport after representing the parent company for 5 years.
  • Spouses can work anywhere in the UK.
  • Children of the sole representative can be entitled to free education under 18 years.
  • No minimum investment required for this visa.
  • There are no quotas and no waiting lists for the UK Representative Visa.

Requirements & Eligibility

  • They must hold a senior post in the organization.
    Applicants can not acquire more than 50% shares of the parent company.
    They must not hold any severe criminal record.
    Also, must be fluent in the English language.
    Applicants must have broad remarkeable industry experience.
    Above all, they must be interested to set up a branch or Sub-ordinate of their business in the UK.

Documents Needed for An Overseas Representative Business Visa.

The Overseas Representative Business Visa is complex in nature, and a successful application will require a substantial number of documents to prove that the representative meets the requirements. Below is a list of documents that are required (For the complete list,
contact us)-
● Payslips and Employment Contract to confirm your employment
● Bank Statements as a piece of evidence you can support yourself
● English Language Test Certificate
● Notarised Statements from Parent Company
● Parent Company Incorporation Certificate
● Business Plan

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