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greece residency by investment

Greece Residency

Celebrated for the magnificence of its scene, Greece is one of a kind, for it appears the Greek divine beings themselves have dispersed little bits of heaven into the ocean which is so affectionately known as the Greek Islands.
The citizens of Greece always ensure a warm welcome to people of all kinds. A sound atmosphere, great food, and wine, and energizing way of life is what Greece is all about.
Secure your holiday home in serene Paros, cosmopolitan Santorini or heavenly Crete with Greece’s residency by investment programs.

Why Greece Residency by Investment?

A member country of EU, Greece also offers unparalleled beauty and diversity in landscape. It has favorable Mediterranean climate with the most friendly and hospitable people who enjoy relaxed lifestyles.

With English language spoken widely in the country, Greece exhibits rich history & culture with vivid modern life (culturally & socially). It has exceptional infrastructure & expertise in professional services with outstanding medical facilities. Greece is an excellent option for investment with low prices, growing rentals and law regulations which are more ‘investor-friendly’.

Become a Greece Permanent Resident by investing a substantial amount and gain access to EU and 155 Countries. Investors of any nationality who invest a minimum € 250,000 in Greece along with the family members of the investor, their spouse, children under 24 years old of age are eligible for Permanent Residency by Investment.

Subsequently, Build your beautiful holiday home in Greece. Starting from € 150,000 which are free-hold & ready to settle in. Receive 5% of your rental income annually.

Benefits of Greek Permanent Residence Permit

  • Impeccable Investment opportunity with property estimations expected to rise significantly.
  • Greece has one of the best healthcare systems in Europe.
  • In addition, The residence permit holder has an access to Greek Education system, from the schools to top level universities in Greece.
  • Permanent residence Permit (PR) for Greece is also eligible for a Schengen Visa. The investor, if maintains the ownership of the property for a lifetime, he is also eligible for the Permanent Residency for the same period.
  • However, Investor’s spouse and children below the age of 24 years of age are also eligible for the Permanent Residency.
  • There is no minimum stay requirement.
  • There is no minimum savings account required for the investor.
  • Above all, The investor may be qualified to sell the property and transfer it to another non-EU National, who will also be eligible for Permanent Residency.