If you’re looking for exceptional political security, international mobility, and a global trade opportunity, Grenada’s second citizenship program ticks every box.

Re-launched in 2013, the Grenadian program quickly established itself as a serious player. The Grenada program allows investors to achieve citizenship in an incredibly short period of time. It also offers flexibility with two investment alternatives.

Along with a swift process, Grenadian Citizenship has a lot to offer. The Grenadian passport unlocks visa-free travel for 100+ countries, including those which are deemed as important business hubs in the world. Grenada is one of the strongest passports and one of the only 11 nations with visa-free travel to the Republic of China and also holds a privilege to be a US Treaty Nation, entitling citizens to use the visa to settle and work in the US on investment grounds.

Let’s assess the Grenada second citizenship program and the way it can benefit you, your family, and your business.

1. Fast application:

Grenada’s second citizenship program is one of the top choices for applicants. If one invests in real estate, the application may get approved within 60 days. An applicant can avail of the Grenadian passport within four months, depending upon the application. The new passport is thereafter handed over to the applicant shortly. As fast-action ventures go, Grenada is unbeatable for its prompt process.

2. No residency requirement:

To realize and maintain the citizenship for Grenada, there’s no requirement to reside on the island. Additionally, one can secure citizenship without frequent visitation to the country. There are no other strict requirements either, which proves an excellent bonus compared to other programs that have strict prerequisites to be followed. This aids with the application to progress quickly and with minimal disruption.

3. Permanent lifetime citizenship:

Grenadian citizenship grants lifetime validation to the passport holder. This suggests, one is completely shielded from subsequent changes in policy that would otherwise threaten the claim. The investment in second citizenship is securely protected, so one can recognize the advantages for years to return.

4. Recognition of Dual citizenship:

If the applicant is seeking to expand their portfolio with a second passport, having to renounce their current citizenship is uncalled for. Luckily, Grenada officially recognizes dual citizenship, so one is examined both, a citizen of Grenada and a citizen of their home country. The applicant is also provided with an excellent degree of privacy with respect to their second citizenship.

5. Family-oriented citizenship:

This citizenship holds suitable privileges for the applicant’s family too. Grenada’s second citizenship program is a cost-effective route to full family citizenship. Under the Grenada program, the initial investment includes children under 25 and dependents over 65. The investment is ideal for the applicants looking to settle with their families.

6. Cost-effective investment:

One of the biggest perks of the Grenadian second citizenship program is its real estate investment option, offering the prospect of high returns on top of the citizenship. The Grenadian tourism industry is booming, hence the investment here will help the applicant in good stead, and one can also hold this investment for up to 3 years.

7. Unlock the Commonwealth:

One of the indicators of passport strength is whether or not a nation has global agreements with other countries to facilitate unrestricted trade and travel. Ordinarily, such decisions are out of our hands but investment in Grenadian second citizenship earns the applicant an area as a citizen of a Commonwealth realm, which facilitates to travel freely across the 52 member nations. This status also exposes preferential trade conditions among-st the group.

8. Increased global mobility:

With visa-free or visa-on-arrival to around 127 countries, The Grenadian passport holder can travel to a number of foremost attractive business and travel destinations within the world, including the United Kingdom, the Schengen area, Singapore, and Australia among-st others. Grenada is one of only 11 countries that permits visitors to The Republic of China without obtaining a visa, making this the perfect passport for conducting business within the Chinese hubs. The Grenadian passport also ranks highly in any index globally, granting one a level of freedom that few enjoy. 

9. A route to the USA:

As a US Treaty Nation, Grenadian passport holders are entitled to use the coveted American E-2 Investor Visa. This is often a key advantage since it gives its (Grenadian citizen) holder the opportunity to measure, move, and work in the United States with subsequent investment. Fewer than 40% of nations worldwide currently hold such agreement with the US. The second citizenship in Grenada is often a robust initiative that leads to settlement in the US.

10. Attractive tax regime:

Grenada offers investors a truly favorable tax regime, making this a well-liked global country. Grenada imposes no foreign income, wealth, inheritance, capital gains, or tax. The country also provides generous tax incentives that are accessible, including a beautiful regime that discounts IBCs from corporation income and withholding for 20 years. One can also reap the benefits of an entire lack of restriction on repatriated profits or imported capital.

If you’re looking to obtain Grenadian citizenship, we can assist you.  

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