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What is a UK Tier 1 Visa?

The United Kingdom offers the Tier 1 (UK Investor Visa) Program to those who are willing to invest a minimum of £2 million in the nation.
Also, this isn’t considered as a procedure to step up the possession of citizenship. However, visa holders can live, work and study in the UK until they are ready to apply for settlement, known as “Unlimited Leave to Remain”. The required time before an investor can apply for Indefinite Leave to Remain relies upon the size of the investment
In other words, The higher the investment, the faster the investor will obtain their stay for settlement (ILR).

You can avail this visa within 3 months if the applicant complies with all the visa requirements. To analyze the funds & permit the application, the UK Border Agency takes a period of 1 month to review the same.

Eligibility for UK Tier 1 Investor Visa

  • The applicant must have a minimum of £2,000,000 invested into the UK reserves.
  • However, The applicant must be 18 or over to be eligible for this visa.
  • They must be able to display that the funds are either theirs or their significant others.
  • Applicant must open a U.K bank account.
  • Above all, the applicant must, in any event, stay at least half a year in the U.K to be capable to apply for Unlimited Leave to Remain.

What is the U.K Investor visa application processing time?

Most visa application centers outside the United Kingdom offer a priority service that allows
Tier 1 Investor visa applicants for an entry clearance within 5 working days on their applications.
Tier 1 Investors applying for Indefinite Leave to Remain from within the United Kingdom can apply for either a typical 8-week consideration or a priority of 5 working day consideration.
Tier 1 Investors applying for Indefinite Leave to Remain from within the United Kingdom can apply for either a typical 6-month consideration or a priority 10 working day consideration.

How long may a UK Tier 1 Investor visa valid?

The initial Tier 1 Investor visa is valid for either 3 years and 4 months (if applying from overseas) or 3 years (if applying from within the UK).
The investor will have to invest a minimum of £2 million in actively trading UK companies within 3 months to comply with the requirements. You will then need to maintain your investment.
The investor can extend their stay as a Tier 1 Investor visa holder for an extra 2 years,
before qualifying for Indefinite Leave to Remain (settlement) after 5 years. There is also an accelerated route to settlement as a Tier 1 Investor immigrant after 3 years (if you invest a
minimum of £5 million) or 2 years (if you invest at least £10 million).
In order to settle within the UK as a Tier 1 Investor, the applicant requires to spend at least
180 days outside the United Kingdom in any 12-month period.

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