Investors Visas for Great Britain/United Kingdom

If you’re looking for a diverse, prosperous, and perfectly located place to call home, there’s nothing better than the U.K. – an economic and cultural center boasting one of the finest and most preferred standards of living in the world.

The U.K has become a subsequent hot-spot amongst many skilled workers and investors from India. Every year, people in high numbers are immigrating to the United Kingdom for work, study, and tourism. The country offers promising opportunities in terms of jobs, lifestyle,
pollution-free environment, safety, and more. Lately, most investors are opting for UK immigration because of their excellent employment prospects. The market and economy are the two most vital factors that are encouraging immigration from everywhere in the world.
Additionally, the UK is the hub of a number of the world’s best colleges and universities.
English being the first language in the country, most people find it easy to settle here permanently. The U.K also boasts a really strong and vibrant economy. Many corporations invest within the U.K because of its favorable labor laws, thus creating better job opportunities for its citizens.

Why the U.K?

Residency or citizenship status in the U.K. offers investors access to unique advantages:

  • Diverse and multicultural societies are defined by extensive social and ethnic communities.
  • The U.K Investor Visa offers a common standard of education with a wide chain of state and private schools along with higher education institutions and top colleges.
  • After that, It provides free and extraordinary healthcare services.
  • A representative of the G8.
  • A key representative from the EU, which implies exclusive business opportunities all over Europe.
  • Above all, London is an excellent business and cultural hub that attracts individuals from different parts of the world.
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You can avail this visa within 3 months if the applicant complies with all the visa requirements. To analyze the funds & permit the application, the UK Border Agency takes a period of 1 month to review the same.

Different Ways to Immigrate to the U.K

There are several visa options available for people seeking immigration to the UK from India.
The type of visa suitable for you depends entirely on the purpose of your stay within the country.
However, to put it broadly, U.K visas can be classified into Tier 1 and Tier 2 Visas. The eligibility for both visas is assessed through a point-based system.

What is the Highly Skilled Migrant Program (HSMP UK)?

Introduced in January 2002, the Highly Skilled Migrant Program was designed to deal with the demand for skilled laborers within the U.K. This visa category was meant for skilled workers who can add value and settle in the United Kingdom. The program was a huge success at the time of its launch; however, it had been replaced by a General Tier 1 skilled migration visa, which incorporates all work, study, and training immigration routes into the UK.


What documents are required for UK Immigration?

Every visa is different, therefore has unique requirements in terms of document submission.
Prospective investors must carefully analyze each requirement before submission. Our expert team carefully analyses every document to ensure the acceptance of the application.

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