There are different visa systems and citizenship by investment programs for obtaining US Immigration & Visa. As one of the best US Immigration & Visa Consultants in Pune, we offer assistance and consultation for these visa programs: E-2 visas, EB-5 visas, L-1 visas, Citizenship by Investment programmers for foreign nationals.

E-2 Visa

E2 Visa

The E2 visa is one of the most powerful immigration options for investors and entrepreneurs looking to start a business in the United States.
With an E2 visa, you can live in the US and operate your own business. Additionally, E2 visa processing times are quite short compared to other visa options, which is another reason why the E2 visa is so favorable.
However, to qualify for an E2 visa you must hold citizenship to a country that has a treaty of trade and commerce with the United States.

EB-5 Visa

EB 5 Visa

The EB5 visa is one of the popular course to a Green Card, where eligible immigrant investors become lawful permanent residents by investing at least $900,000, to finance a business in the United States that will employ at least 10 American workers. The EB-5 program is an excellent way to obtain a U.S. visa and is prominent in India, China, UK, and Vietnam.

L-1 Visa

L1 visa is a business visa which permits foreign nationals to enter the United States of America.

L1 visa constitutes of 2 segments-

  • L-1A Intracompany Transferee Executive or Manager
  • L-1B Intracompany Transferee Specialized Knowledge

L-1A Visa is further classified into two segments:

  • Enables a U.S. employer to relocate an executive or manager level representative from one of its associated foreign workplaces to one of its workplaces in the United States.
  • Allows a foreign organization to set up another office in the United States by sending an executive or manager level representative from that foreign organization.

Citizenship by Investment


Grenada citizenship has become attractive for applicants for reasons other than E2. An applicant can obtain a new passport within four months entitling them to visa-free travel to 127 countries including Europe, the UK, Russia, and China. In addition, reap the benefits of significant tax savings by opting for citizenship.


Turkey’s program offers a fast process time and access to a strong passport and a diverse economy. In addition, Turkish passport holders are eligible for the United States E-2 Visa.
Moreover, A Turkish passport offers visa-free access to more than 150 countries around the world, as well as the opportunity to engage in Turkey’s diverse economy.


Montenegro’s economic citizenship program allows foreigners to be granted the citizenship of Montenegro at the discretion of the Ministry of Interior Affairs and Public Administration through a designated investment.
Montenegro announced new citizens by investment scheme for acquiring Montenegrin citizenship by admission on the basis of a special investment program based on a special decision published in the Official Gazette of Montenegro. Montenegro is a popular choice as there are no physical residency requirements.