The E-2 investor visa is one of the most celebrated Investor visas to gain entry to the United States. It’s an ideal option for foreign investors planning to invest in an existing business or launch a new one. The E-2 visas are likely granted to investors who bring innovative ideas to the U.S economy, provide employment opportunities, and invest a large sum of capital in the country. To qualify, the Investor must be a citizen of a country which has a treaty with the United States.  Countries like India, China, and significant other nations from the Middle East do not qualify for the E-2 visa. However, they can opt for Grenada, Turkey, or Montenegro Citizenship by Investment route to become eligible for the visa.

The E-2 Investor visa is valid up to 2 years, but you can request for an extension for the same. To apply for the visa, the Investor must share the business plan outlining its source of incoming and expenditures. They may also challenge to submit additional statements of the business that has been taken over or the appreciation value of the said business. This process is mainly carried out to present a complete business plan and your intentions to set up a business in America to a U.S Consulate.

Process time for E-2 Visas:

The E-2 visas were processed faster before the pandemic hit the world. The Covid-19 virus forced the governments to put complete lockdowns and restrictions of movement. This also fizzled in the closing lea of numerous U.S Consulates across the world and came down to processing only necessary visas. The surcease of operations also created a massive backlog of E-2 visa users, which only grew with time to the point where the U.S Consulate in Canada couldn’t clarify how long investors would have to wait to get their E-2 visas approved.

This suspicion created confusion and disappointment to numerous investors staying who were waiting for their visas to get approved. Most of them had excellent plans laid out to either buy a business in the U.S. or move to the country to sort out their investment plans.

Crucial factors to consider while applying for an E2 Visa:

  • One may effectively qualify for an E2 visa with clarity in intent for pursuing a substantial investment in any US company.
  • Until a business continues to stay functional and is fulfilling all the E2 requirements, your E2 Visa renewals will be timely provided.
  • A major factor while undertaking an E2 visa is standing with a clear intent to depart the United States once the E2 timeline ends.
  • To give your business a substantial check, the immigration officials may consider calculating your actual investment to your business’s total value.
  • The same will apply for determining you as non-immigrant intent, where in a proof such as strong ties to your home country or a career will be required to prove your authenticity.
  • To prove that your business can significantly make an economic contribution in the present and future, factors like your capability of employing multiple workers or current strength will matter.

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